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You hereby grant Chipego (Pty) Ltd ("“"SureBüddy"”", "we" or "us") the right to flight advertisements on your mobile phone for short periods of time after terminating phone calls.

In exchange, we will arrange life insurance, namely, SureBüddy Sponsored Life Insurance, for you with Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited (a registered life insurance company ("the insurer") so that upon your death, your nominated beneficiary (or your deceased estate, if no nomination is made subject to production of required documents) will receive a cash sum of up to ₹50,000, subject to the terms and conditions set out below. 

Information obtained during registration will be used to empower advertisers, hence this is an ‘opt-in’ program.

You agree and acknowledge that you have no direct contract or any direct contractual relationship with the insurer and consequently you (including your nominated beneficiary) do not acquire any direct or other right against the insurer.  Rather, you stand in a contractual relationship only with us.

SureBüddy will utilise its own resources to pay the insurance premium due to the insurer on the life of the registered owner of the Ad Enabled Phone.
We will advertise on your phone from the date on which you install the SureBüddy application ("App") up to the date on which the application is deleted or uninstalled or the date on which the phone (for whatever reason) is no longer used by the originally registered person of this programme, whichever date occurs first.

The basis of the contract is this arrangement entered into between us, SureBüddy and you the registrant on this programme.

The agreement becomes effective after confirmation that the registration has been successfully completed via the SureBüddy App.
The life insurance is dependent upon the advertising revenue generated by SureBüddy through your Ad Enabled Phone. At each monthiversary of the install date of the SureBüddy application on your phone, we will review the number of advertisements you’ve watched on your phone. If you have reached the set targets, you will qualify for insurance for the next monthiversary date of the installation.

The minimum number of advertisements should be viewed in the previous monthly cycle in order to qualify for the full insurance for the next month.

Please note that your insurance will commence at the start of the second full calendar month following the successful registration of your SureBüddy app.  Hence there is a waiting period.  As example, if you install the application on 25 July, the end of the first installation full calendar month will be 31 August, the end of the second installation month will be 31 September, after which your insurance will commence, provided that you viewed the requisite number of advertisements in each month for August and September.

Until insurance commences only 10 advertisements per day will count towards the determination of the minimum requirement of 300 advertisements in the calendar month.

Full benefits – You will have full benefits (which include accidental death benefits), subject to the exclusions, from the first day that insurance commences (which is after two full calendar months of viewing the required advertisements). You will enjoy these benefits, subject to viewing the required advertisements, until you reach the age of 50 years, provided that you continue to view the minimum required advertisements each month. 

After 50 years of age the insurance SureBüddy arrange for you will not be applicable anymore.

Where the minimum number of advertisements have not been viewed in any month, your will not be covered by insurer in the next month following the month in which you did not view enough advertisements.

Where the minimum required advertisements have not been viewed for 2 consecutive calendar months the same set of rules apply as from the first installation date of the SureBüddy™ application which means that you will have another waiting period of two full calendar months before you will have full insurance again.

It is important to maintain your subscription status by viewing the required number of advertisements so that you can enjoy all the benefits all the time.

The benefit is only available for individuals ordinarily resident in India.

The benefit is limited to ₹50,000 per person under this arrangement. The life insurance coverage settlement of claim will be in terms of the Rules and Regulations issued by IRDAI from time to time.

SureBüddy™ has the right to adjust the minimum number of advertisements from 300 to any reasonable minimum number of advertisements to ensure that the benefit can be provided to you.
We will confirm that the benefit is due to you by comparing the phone MSISDN / IMEI number with your registered telephone number and your AADHAAR / identity / passport number.  This is to ensure that we contribute towards the counterpart of this agreement only.

The viewing by you of the minimum number of advertisements will be confirmed as well.  Where the minimum number of advertisements have not been viewed in the calendar month preceding your death, you will not be covered.

In order to benefit from the life insurance benefit SureBüddy™ arranged, you will have to die and your deceased estate will have to comply with the claims requirements of the insurance policy SureBüddy™ arranged.
You warrant that you are:
  • Older than 18 years of age and younger than 50 years of age when you enter this programme.
  • in good health and that to the best of your knowledge, you do not have an illness, such as heart conditions, cancer and diabetes, that will lead to the event of an early death.
  • If you cannot warrant the above you must uninstall the SureBüddy™ application.
The value of benefit under the life insurance will be reduced to Zero if:

You commit suicide within one year of your insurance commencing as described in the clause “Benefits for Ad Enabled Phone”;

You are a participant in any of the following: (1)  any act of war (whether war is declared or not), (2) military action, (3) riot, (4) insurrection, (5) civil commotion, (6) usurpation (take over) of power (7) martial law (8) terrorism or (9) any unlawful act.

If any of the warranties are found to be inaccurate for a period of 6 months after the initial conclusion of this contract.
No financial advice will be given to you as part of this agreement to explain the benefits / insurance under the life insurance agreement.  Should you wish to obtain financial advice about financial services products, you have to contact your own financial advisor.

It is also agreed that the insurance arranged by SureBüddy™, is in addition to any other insurance you might already have.
Both parties (i.e. we and you) are entitled to cancel this agreement at any time without written notice and without any recourse, financial or otherwise.

You may cancel this agreement by uninstalling the App from your phone.

This agreement terminates automatically the day you turn 50.

As soon as possible after your death, but not longer than 30 days thereafter, your nominated beneficiary and/or next of kin have to notify the insurer by registering to claim your benefit at www.surebuddy.in or from the SureBüddy™ App.  The notification of death shall be made within a period not later than 30 days.

Notifications received by the insurer beyond this period will not be entertained. You accept that you are hereby limiting your right of privacy, to facilitate the assessment of the risk, and the consideration of any claim for benefits under this agreement.

You irrevocably authorise SureBüddy™ or any of its agents to obtain from any doctor or any other person, including other insurers and any associations of such insurers whom you hereby so authorise and request to give, any information which SureBüddy™ deems necessary, at any time (even after your death) and is such detailed, abbreviated or coded form as may from time to time be decided by SureBüddy™ or any of its agents.
The Insurer, any of its agents will after initial validation contact you and request:
  • A legible claim form completed and signed (download from the website).
  • A copy of your AADHAAR document / identity document / passport.
The following documents will be required after your death:
  • A certified copy of an official death certificate issued by the authorities
  • Details of the deceased estate, which is the ultimate beneficiary of the product benefit, including the banking details for the payment of the benefit.
  • In the case of a natural death - report from a medical practitioner.
  • Police report / accident report form, stamped by the Police / a full report from registered medical practitioner in the case of unnatural death.
  • Discharge Form for Claim has to be signed and submitted at the time of claiming the benefit under the insurance arranged with the insurer.
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