Chipego (Pty) Ltd ("SureBüddyTM") by policy processes personal data to better our products and services, with full respect for the fundamental right to privacy. We protect personal data with regards to personal integrity and private life, and ensure the quality of personal data.

The following describes data collected by SureBüddyTM for the Android platform, why it is collected and processed, and the services the client application ("app") provides using this data.

Data collected by SureBüddyTM regarding advertising for rewards service SureBüddyTM is a web service that sends adverts generated on SureBüddyTM's servers and sends it to the SureBüddyTM app installed on a device. SureBüddyTM does not link individual natural persons ("users") to specific usage-related data logged on the SureBüddyTM servers. SureBüddyTM servers log the uniform resource locators (URLs), or web addresses, of the web pages users visit, but not the content on the page. The servers also log users' IP-addresses, their device make and model, campaign references for sponsored content and a randomly-generated identifier for the users' app installation.

SureBüddyTM stores and processes usage-related data to provide, debug, maintain and optimize the SureBüddyTM service including populating recommended content for the app's Discover feature. SureBüddyTM also uses this data to generate aggregated and anonymized statistics for general internet trend analysis and reporting to SureBüddyTM's customers, such as mobile network operators. On the Android platform, SureBüddyTM uses Google Analytics to measure marketing campaigns. Google Analytics anonymizes this data and SureBüddyTM collects it to improve its products and services.

SureBüddyTM collects anonymized device information on Android (Android ID or Advertising ID) to improve its products and measure marketing campaigns. SureBüddyTM may share this data with SureBüddyTM's marketing partners/customers. Some third-party sites may monitor data sent from SureBüddyTM, such as numbers of hits and the search terms used. SureBüddyTM does not send personally identifiable information to these services.

Data send by SureBüddyTM's mobile partners In the case SureBüddyTM has a contractual relationship with your mobile operator, the mobile operator might send additional data such as your phone number together with the web traffic. SureBüddyTM will pass on such additional data to your mobile operator's approved list of partners. Please note that SureBüddyTM does not receive, log or retain such additional data in any way or manner.

Data disclosure

SureBüddyTM reserves the right to disclose any stored data as required by law or if the company believes that disclosure is necessary to protect its rights and/or comply with a judicial proceedings, court orders, or legal processes.

Policy updates

Any updates or changes to these privacy provisions will be included in SureBüddyTM's Privacy Policy available in this terms and conditions document.

Explanation of the permissions SureBüddyTM requests

When installing SureBüddyTM, you will be asked to provide the app with certain permissions to access data on your Android device. The following describes the permissions SureBüddyTM requests, what each permission allows the app to do, and why the app collects this data.

Measure app storage space

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to measure the size of the cache files on the device. If the size of the cache is large, SureBüddyTM can offer to clear the cache in order to speed up device performance.

Delete all app cache data

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to remove cache files in order to speed up device performance. SureBüddyTM prompts you before it cleans the cache.

Read Internet history and bookmarks

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to view and replicate any bookmarks stored in the standard Android location, where your stock browser likely saves them. SureBüddyTM displays these bookmarks in its bookmark manager. By request, SureBüddyTM can use this data to import bookmarks into the app.

Importing this data is optional. You must manually initiate the import process; SureBüddyTM does not manage your device's bookmark data without your consent. If you import your bookmarks into SureBüddyTM, this data will be stored in your SureBüddyTM client. If you sign in to an SureBüddyTM account using SureBüddyTM's synchronization service, your data will be collected by SureBüddyTM's servers and stored there. Please review the above section concerning how SureBüddyTM treats data collected to provide synchronization services for more information.

Precise location (GPS and network-based)

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to access your device's location based on global-positioning satellites, what network your device uses to access the web, and the strength of your connection to nearby networks. SureBüddyTM uses your location to display ads in the Discover news feed. Providing your location ensures that this content is relevant to you.

Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to access your local file storage on your device. SureBüddyTM needs this permission to allow you to download files from the web and manage them through the app's interface.

Test access to protected storage

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to read the contents of external storage discs on your device, including secure digital (SD) cards or hard drives connected to your Android device via Universal Serial Bus (USB). SureBüddyTM needs this permission to allow you to open, download to and manage files found on external discs through the app.

Control Near Field Communication

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to share information between devices using radio frequencies, when the devices are placed near each other. SureBüddyTM uses this permission to share pages of its active tab between devices. If you place another compatible device nearby, Android will ask if the page location of the active tab should be shared. Both devices must support Near Field Communication.

Full network access

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to access network data through both Wi-Fi and mobile network connections (for example, GPRS, 3G, or EDGE connections). SureBüddyTM uses this permission to send and receive requests from SureBüddyTM servers, which fetch and deliver web content to your device.

View network connections

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to determine whether your device is connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network connection (for example, GPRS, 3G, or EDGE connections). SureBüddyTM uses this information to prompt you when downloading large files on mobile network connections. The app asks whether you want to postpone a large download for a later time when your device is connected via Wi-Fi.

Read contact data

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to read your device's contact data or address book. Using this data, you can choose to find your contacts on Facebook through SureBüddyTM's interface. SureBüddyTM prompts you before you opt in to revealing any contact data to it or Facebook. The app will not view or use this data without your consent. This permission allows Facebook certain privileges through its third-party API. Please review the section above concerning data collected by third parties.

Prevent device from sleeping

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to prevent your device's processor from sleeping. SureBüddyTM uses this permission to support syncing services. It keeps the app awake while checking messages from SureBüddyTM's servers that inform the app if changes have been made to your SureBüddyTM account. The next time you open SureBüddyTM, the app syncs with the server and updates to reflect any changes made on other devices.

View applications in foreground

This permission allows SureBüddyTM to view which applications appear most in the foreground of the Smartphone. SureBüddyTM can thus offer advertising that complements the applications the User is interested in.

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