You will be asked to authorise SureBüddyTM access to certain features on your phone.  SureBüddyTM will not abuse any of the permissions.  SureBüddyTM needs the permissions to monitor the events so that the advertisements can be displayed at the agreed times.
The SureBüddyTM app will work on any Android phone: Mobicell, Samsung, Boost, Huawei, LG and some HTC and Sony devices. Later model Blackberries with Android will also work. If you have an Android smartphone and you are unable to install SureBüddy please email us at and SureBüddy will assist you.
No. And for once you will be rewarded for watching advertisements. After a call comes to an end, or an SMS is received, you will see all the exciting offers right there in your hand. Simply touch the phone screen or any of the buttons to remove the ad immediately. SureBüddyTM  is also optimised to consume very little battery life.
All the costs are paid for by the advertisers. So you never pay SureBüddyTM. Just keep watching the advertisements every month and SureBüddyTM costs you nothing.

You have to watch a minimum number of advertisements every month in order to qualify for insurance. If your phone activity is too low, you will also see advertisements when you screen-lock your phone - just another way we assist to enjoy your insurance for free.
We have optimised the app so that it does not use much data. It will also download over a Wi-Fi connection when possible.
The SureBüddyTM app runs in the background when not in use. Nothing will change on your phone. You will see the advertisements on your screen once you finish a call, or when you receive an SMS or when you fall behind on the required views to enjoy your free cover, when you screen-lock your phone.  You can open the app every so often to confirm your ad views for a month.
You can go to any internet café, or any location with free Wi-Fi.  To claim go to or e-mail us on with your Aadhaar policy number, member number as indicated on your "Confirmation of Insurance" Certificate.  You received the "Confirmation of Insurance" Certificate the first time that you registered as a Büddy.
If SureBüddyTM active on your phone, and you watch the required number of advertisements, you will be eligible for the benefits.  If you have the latest version of SureBüddyTM your phone, there is an indicator in the app that shows whether you have watched enough advertisements up to now, on average.  If your average advertisements are below the number required every day for you to receive the benefit, SureBüddyTM launch a few additional adverts a day to give you peace of mind.
SureBüddyTM's cover is underwritten by Shriram Life Insurance (, trusted provider of life insurance in India.
If you need to claim the life insurance benefit, all that has to be done is that a claim should be registered on the SureBüddyTM app or on After pre-authorisation, Shriram Life Insurance will be in contact.
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