SureBüddyTM offers YOU FREE Life Insurance worth ₹50 000 in association with Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited, by using clever insurtech where advertiser’s actually pay for the FREE Life Insurance. Simply view 5mins of ads per month to keep your cover active.

It’s genius!

Adverts aren’t annoying and are showcased in a pleasant manner to limit user- frustration. These adverts have been specifically created;

  • Are non-intrusive; it’s like they’re not even there,
  • Disappear with a simple click or a swipe,
  • Appear after a phone call, SMS or via your phone screen-lock if required. (That’s all!)

Adverts are displayed on your phone all the time, so why not be rewarded for viewing them?

REMEMBER: Limited, subtle adverts PAY for your FREE insurance, offering peace of mind should a loss occur in the family. SureBüddy will help individuals and families to be #StressFree and #DebtFree, to live a fuller and richer life because #TogetherWeAreFree. You receive Life Insurance and still keep your money!

Each registered SureBüddy user will be requested to nominate a beneficiary and will receive a Confirmation of Cover document with their unique reference number for claiming purposes.

HHow to claim? Head to and click on ‘Make a Claim’.

Still not convinced?

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